8 Little known reasons why you need to start using slamballs and deadballs

Have you used a slam ball before? Your can really GET CREATIVE with this guy! The deadball/slamball can be used in many ways our latest blog post will only list a few but we'd love to hear what you can come up with...

The Slamball/Deadball promises enormous potential for athletes and fitness enthusiasts but few people – including sports coaches – are aware of its benefits.

They can fit perfectly into your fitness plan, from strength/resistance training to “cardio” work they can be implemented accordingly!

It may take a while to get you as fast as Usain Bolt, Or as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger. But they are yet another tool for the toolbox, an extremely versatile one and for the general population should DEFINITELY be used.

8 Little Known Reasons why you need to start using slam balls and deadballs in your workouts

1 – Slam balls/Deadballs are a more inclusive tool to the general fitness community and a quicker on ramp to high class fitness.

2 – Ball slams are an AMAZING anger management tool….

3 – The unpredictability of a ball can help fill the gaps of a very controlled environment created by machines, KBs, barbells and DB’s.

4 – It’s much more likely you will lift something that mimics an awkward ball in real life than a perfectly loaded and collared barbell.

5 – Great diversity in training – holds, carries and other exercises outside of the sagittal plane dominant movements that populate conventional exercise.

6 – They improve your hugging capabilities.. If you train with slam balls and dead balls you end up doing a lot of hugs.

7 – The Asymmetrical loading of a ball leads to greater core training.

8 – They’re awkward and uncomfortable… And comfort is the enemy of progress.

Sounds like a magic pill right? One piece of equipment, can use it for anything? Loading your body is important, Being versatile is important, Varying your training is important. Not quite a magic pill, but some may say a magic ball when used correctly.

Now if we talk about specific movements. One of everyone’s favorites with a light slam ball… Is the traditional Ball slam!!! Which as noted above is an amazing stress reliever, throw something at the ground angrily and man it feels great. But alongside that, it’s also a great dynamic exercise that encourages a powerful hinge pattern. Add a rotation into that by picking it up next to one foot reaching full extension then slam it next to the other foot!

Alongside the massive bonuses with your training, they are so easy to store. Chuck them in a corner, roll them out then hit the hard workout below, back in the corner it goes until the following day!

Now you know the reasons why they are useful you are probably wondering how do I start to implement them into my sessions? Here’s an example for one workout you can do!

The ultimate Deadball full-body workout.

5 rounds:

  • 5 Deadball to shoulder
  • 6 Deadball shoulder to shoulder (Push press the Deadball from one shoulder over to the other)
  • 7 Deadball bear hug squats
  • 30m Deadball bear hug walk

Rest as little as needed to be able to complete the round unbroken.*Load of Deadball/Slam ball should be something that is a challenge for you to do unbroken. Increase as you get more confident with the movements and the implementation.

GET CREATIVE! The deadball/slam ball can be used in many ways! I want to see what you guys can come up with!!!

With equipment like the Deadball where you’re constantly testing its quality and longevity. It’s important that you choose one which prioritizes durability as the first priority.

If you’re looking for Deadballs or Slam Balls made to withstand the test of time and heavy use. Then check out our ChasingBetter Slam Balls and Dead Balls.


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