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Maintenance - ChaseBike, OneRM Rower, OneRM Ski & ChasingBetter Airbike


Clean saddle, flywheels, peddles or any part of the equipment which experiences wear through consistent use. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals.

Every 250 Hours of Use (or every 6 months whichever comes first)
  • Verify that the crank arms are tight on the crank axle. 
  • Check all screws and fasteners for tightness.
  • Check for dust inside flywheel with a flashlight. Vacuum if needed. Verify calibration after cleaning. 
As Needed

Check the fit of the seat post. The seat post should move up and down with only light pressure applied. The seat post can be adjusted using a 1⁄2” wrench. Do not overtighten.

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