Home Gym Buying Guide

So you want to build your own home gym?  We’re always busy and sometimes we miss out on making it to the gym. Maybe you need to keep an eye on the kids, maybe you’re working late and just don’t have the energy for a late night sesh. We get…


It is now well known that when anyone who hasn’t exercised in a long period of time (or ever) does anything that their fitness will improve simply by having done anything. But, what this does not mean is that this anything is the answer for everyone’s fitness goals. People need…

How to Train for Hypertrophy

Individual muscles have their own characteristics and respond to training differently. No matter how many times you squat or train your legs in a week your lats won’t care. This is why ‘bro training’ where you hit every muscle 1-2x/ weekisn’t optimal for intermediate to advanced trainees. One muscle may…

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