Setting and Achieving Your Goals in 2021 – Downloadable PDF Planner

2021 here we come! A new year is a chance to start fresh, to set ourselves new goals and make a plan to achieve them.

We can all agree that 2020 was a challenging year. However, with a new year upon us, we can allow ourselves some time to revisit our goals. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes; they could be about health and fitness, our mental health, our family life, our work/life balance, our financial situation, or our spiritual connections.

This might not be your first-time setting goals; perhaps you have crushed certain goals in the past, while others haven remained out of reach. Many people come to the end of the year and realise none of their goals have been come to fruition, and they are left wondering where they went wrong.

It’s common to lack the motivation to achieve our goals. Traditionally, goals are set at the beginning of a year when we are fresh and full of hope for the year to come. You are all likely familiar with the term “New Years Resolutions”. But as the days go by and we go back to work, lose track of time on social media, get too tired to hit the gym or visit our
family. Daily distractions and lack of time can cause us to forget the goals we even set in the first place.


Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. Sure, some goals are harder to achieve than others. And it is common human practice to avoid tasks that feel too difficult or challenging. We naturally look for an easier task and delay the uncomfortable or difficult ones. The human brain tends to favour immediate fulfilment over long-term reward.

This leads to a behaviour we likely all know as procrastination. The act of procrastination is a silent goal-killer. If you find yourself repeatedly beating yourself up for stalling all year long and lacking success, then read on for some simple practices to really start crushing those goals!

1. Keep it Simple

The first principle is to make your daily goal activity SIMPLE! Ease yourself into the task. The reason you want to keep your daily target simple so that you ingrain a spot in your day to take action on your goal.


Making the time in your day is a habit in itself, and prioritising this time is how we can begin on the trajectory to achieving our goals. You see, instead of launching into a huge commitment, you are developing new habits from something easy to achieve and comfortable to perform. You are removing that overwhelming need to procrastinate
when things are too hard.

2. Progress over perfection.

After a week of successful action taking on a daily basis, it is time to increase the complexity of the task. You can either increase the amount of time you have set aside to achieve your daily target, or you can make the target slightly more difficult to achieve.

For example:

If your goal is to workout every day, start by making the time to do 20
push-ups each day. This is week 1.

Week 2, increase that to 30 push-ups and 10 air squats each day.

Week 3, increase that to 50 push-ups, 30 air squats, and 20 sit-ups each
day. And so on.

Eventually it will get to a point where you’re working out for 30 minutes a
day (or more!).

Need more guidance?

If you need some help to plan your daily goals on a week-to-week basis, such as the example given above, then you’re in luck! We’ve created a downloadable Goal Setting Planner for you to use. Make this year the one you finally crush those goals, by tracking your progression each day and managing your time effectively.

This document will help you stay on track and keep your mind focused on the tasks that matter. Daily questions will require you to think about your weekly targets and ensure you remain on the right path to achieve your goals.

Get started by clicking here.


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