A Better Way to do Handstand Pushups

So what if there was a mat designed perfectly for HSPUs?

Imagine this. You’re prepping for your local CrossFit competition, and one thing you know you need to get better at is the handstand pushup(HSPU)! 

For weeks and weeks, you practice, and finally, you feel like you can chain up a good number of HSPU without any issue. Awesome! 

Comp day finally rolls up and guess what. The first event, handstand pushups. But wait…you look down at your station and notice the squared-out box on the floor is smaller than the one you practiced on! Oh-ohh…”this isn’t what we trained for!”

Every year the CrossFit open seems to dish out a new and improved standard for handstand pushups, and we all know what happens then…We have a great debate as to where we place our hands. How wide is too wide? Can our fingers cross the tape on the floor?…The drama begins.

If you’re a coach, you want your members practicing HSPU with the correct standards all year round, you also then need to tape the floor weekly, which let’s face it, doesn’t get done. 

So what if there was a mat designed perfectly for HSPUs? Marking out exactly where you can place your hands, aim your head and practice and perform the perfect standards for HSPU

Wait no longer; we’re introducing the ChasingBetter Handstand mat

This mat is designed to provide you with a convenient way to practice your HSPU, scaled or RX without having to draw anything out on the floor or grab additional equipment out. All you need is a wall and this mat!

So why do you need this mat?

Can’t you use a few plates and an ab mat for head cushioning?… You could, but as we described in the little story above, when it comes to competitions, whether they’re attending your local comp or the CrossFit open, standards are necessary to keep everyone accountable. 

We at ChasingBetter believe that ergonomics, convenience, and consistency matter to your training, which is why we designed this mat. 

Here are just a few points as to why the ChasingBetter HSPU mat is necessary for the future of Functional Fitness:

  1. The padding is designed to provide your head with the right amount of cushioning without aiding you drastically in the rebound. This cushioning also lessens the impact on your neck, reducing the risk of injury.
  2. The standards themselves are based on the international CrossFit Games standards for handstand pushups.
  3. This mat is made to be easily folded and stored for convenience
  4. The mats are made from our durable canvas coated material, providing maximal grip and comfort, even when wet.
  5. When fully folded up, the mat is the perfect height for scaled handstand pushups for individuals who are just learning.

It’s without a doubt that as the sport of functional fitness evolves, the needs for further global standards are necessary to keep the sport growing, to someday find it’s way into the Olympic games. 

As an individual practicing HSPU, standardized and consistent practice is the path to proper progression. When HSPU turns up in a class workout, a comp or in the CrossFit open, feel confident knowing you’ve done everything you can to prepare the right way.


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